​Betty’s Azalea Ranch offers delivery services to all of Northern Virginia. We deliver 6 days a week, and make every attempt to arrange our delivery schedule based on distances and local traffic patterns (e.g., we only travel to Arlington in the middle of the day, due to traffic).

Betty’s offers a wide variety of items for delivery including all available bagged and bulk mulch, stone, and soils, stone on pallets, any plant or tree purchased at Betty’s, all statues, fountains, furniture or other landscaping features.

  • Delivery fees are based on addresses, how far you live from our store in Fairfax, how many people are needed to go, and how many trips are required.
  • Our delivery truck CANNOT leave the street or your driveway. We will not, under any circumstances, travel across a common area or lawn, etc.
  • We cannot drop products on the street, only on a customer's property.
  • Bulk loads cannot be split by customers (as in half in my yard and half in my neighbor's yard).
  • Each bulk product must have a separate truck. Bulk Soil Builder and bulk mulch will require two trucks. We can combine one bulk product with an assortment of bagged products. For instance, bulk top soil and bagged mulches qualify as one delivery.
  • Plant delivery fees are based on the number of people required to carry the item comfortably. If one man can carry the plant, it is considered a "one-man delivery." Two people would be a "two-man delivery" and so forth. The number of men required is determined by the Betty's sales associate at the time of purchase.
  • For a one-man delivery, plants are placed at the top of the driveway. For two or more men deliveries, the plant(s) can be placed around your yard--within reason--and next to a previously dug hole, but never in the hole.

For further questions or specific delivery prices, please call Betty’s at 703.830.8687  ext. 6.

  • 12507 Route 29, VA 22030