Design Services and Fees

Betty's Azalea Ranch offers professional landscape design services individually suited to your property.  Our designers come to your home to meet with you and create a personalized landscape installation plan. A $100 fee covers one area of the property, i.e. the front or the back. Detailed Master Plans of your entire property are available upon request and priced individually by your designer. 

Our design services include:

  • Having the designer come to your property to measure and determine sun and/or shade requirements. Our designers talk with you to discover all of your landscaping goals, including walkways, walls, patios and water gardens.
  • A professional, drawn-to-scale plan that is yours to keep.
  • A follow up appointment at Betty's. Your designer will walk you through the nursery to see the recommended plants and make adjustments to coincide with your personal tastes and budget.
  • An itemized, written proposal for installation by Betty's Azalea Ranch landscape personnel.

To make an appointment for a designer to come to your home, please call 703.830.8687.