April: Lawns

It's time to wrap up our spring work by applying crabgrass preventer and hitting a few weeds.

As March turns to April, be sure to apply Dimension crabgrass preventer in all sunny areas of the lawn. Under most conditions, Dimension is unnecessary in shady areas, or areas that get less than 4 hours of sunlight between 11 am and 5 pm. If you do plan to seed in sunny areas, do not use Dimension. Crabgrass preventer should be applied as close to April 15th as possible, but remember to get it down before tax day!
Spring is a great time for applying grass seed in our shady areas. If you need to apply seed in your sunny areas, something that isn't recommended in the spring, we need to wait until temperatures warm up a bit. Grass seed struggles to germinate when our overnight lows drop below 45 degrees. For smaller areas, sod is a preferred substitute for sunny areas.
Make sure you do NOT apply Dimension anywhere you wish to plant seed. Most crabgrass preventers work by stopping all grass seed from germinating, including the good seeds. Stop by and talk to one of our lawn experts about using a two-step approach to your crabgrass prevention using Tenacity and Dimension.
No matter when you put down broadleaf weed preventer, a few broadleaf weeds will sneak through. Mix Speed Zone broadleaf herbicide with a bit of Wilt-Pruf to kill anything that isn't grass, incuding all your broadleaf weeds.
If you didn't apply Gallery broadleaf weed preventer in March, do so before April 15. Don't ignore the non-edible planting beds. Gallery will prevent any broadleaf weed seeds in your lawn and beds from germinating for the rest of the year.

Watering Information

Water grass seed daily, preferably in the evening, to spur germination. Watering should be done to the point where the grass is not moist, or damp, but solidly wet.
Water sod heavily after placing so that the underlying soil is saturated. Water once more during the week. At the end of one week, the sod should have grown into the soil.