August: Lawns

Kill your weeds now.

August is the best time of the year for killing weeds in your yard. Eliminate weeds now in advance of fall seeding. Speed Zone is the best herbicide for eliminating broadleaf weeds. Grassy weeds are all different, and different herbicides are used to treat them. Image Crabgrass Killer can be used for both Crabgrass and nutsedge. Bayer's Bermudagrass Control doesn't work too well on bermudagrass, but is excellent at killing crabgrass and Japanese stilt grass. Always mix Wilt-Pruf in with your sprays to reduce drift, make it waterproof and greatly reduce repeat sprayings.

Watering Information

When using Wilt-Pruf, water your lawn as you normally would during August. Wilt-Pruf will make your herbicides waterproof.