November: Trees and Shrubs

Feeding and Cleaning Time.

In bloom at Betty's now are Sasanqua Camellias. Hollies and Viburnum have beautiful berries.

This is a time for heightened root growth for trees. When giving your lawn its last high-nitrogen feeding of the year, don't forget to spread some around your deciduous trees.

This is an ideal time to plant bigger trees, those that have 2” caliper trunks or larger. Betty's can install with one year warranty.

To prevent freezing winds from drying broadleaf evergreens, spray with Wilt-Pruf before Thanksgiving.

Water dogwoods, broadleaf evergreens and newly planted trees thoroughly before the ground freezes.

If you haven't done so already, winterize your garden by cleaning up garden beds removing any dead plant material, prune dead or broken branches, cover with 3” of mulch and fasten any loose vines. Add all disease-free organic debris, grass clippings and fallen leaves to the compost pile.

Prune hybrid tea roses back to 24” above the soil. Make sure they are well mulched.

Watering Information

Water dogwoods, broadleaf evergreens and newly-planted trees before ground freezes.