May: Annuals and Perennials

The color riot continues!

There is still plenty of time to plant annuals and perennials for great color. In addition, tropical plants like mandevilla and hibiscus are in stock now. Tropicals are great for container planting on the deck or patio in full-sun settings.

Pansies planted last fall or earlier in the spring may still be blooming their brains out. Nevertheless, by mid-May, it's time to yank them out and replace them with summer annuals. If you wait until the pansies become long, spindly, with less blooms(and they will), you will have lost time needed for your summer annuals to become established before the extreme heat of summer arrives. It's hard, but necessary, to do before May 15.

Begin designing and planting your containers now. Planting in containers has grown in popularity, mostly because of the versatility it offers. Feel free to mix annuals, perennials, and tropicals in the same container. Just be mindful of combining plants with the same sun and water needs in the same pot. Containers provide flexibility--move containers around to suit your mood, If one plant isn't thriving, pull it out and pop something else in its place.

Remember to dead-head perennials that bloomed in early spring. That will direct the plant's energy away from producing seed and toward growing roots and leaves. Some perennials, like 'May Night' salvia, will even rebloom if old blooms are removed.

Now that the soil has warmed, it is finally time to plant tomatoes and peppers. Betty's carries over twenty varieties of tomatoes, and peppers ranging from mild and sweet to fiery hot. Ask for our Tomato Care Sheet when you're in, or check with one of our experts for advice in selecting the varieties that are right for you.

Pull out cool-weather veggies that have finished producing and replace them with warm-weather veggies like zucchini or string beans. If space is a problem, consider vertical gardening by growing on trellises or poles.

Watering Information

Water every plant well when planting.
As the weather warms, step up your watering accordingly. Hand-water newly planted perennials to ensure they get enough water.