June: Lawns

June is the time to make sure all our hard work in the spring doesn't go to waste. Keep your lawn green with iron!

After we've done all that work throughout the spring feeding; fighting weeds, feeding and getting everything under control, summer is when we keep our lawns happy. Applying an iron product like Minor Miracle or Preferential Treatment will green up your lawn during the hot summer months. Sometime between the end of May and the beginning of July, your lawn will look like it is running out of gas, this is the best time to apply Preferential Treatment. Preferential Treatment will provide a full supply of trace elements, most notably iron, to help green up the lawn during the summer months. Preferential Treatment will also provide a root growth stimulant to get root growth during the summer, and contains a wetting agent that will make your summer watering more efficient. As always with iron products, sweep them off of concrete after you apply them.

Watering Information

Make sure your lawn receives an inch of water per week. Lawns prefer to be watered once or twice per week, not daily watering.