January: Seeds

Think spring by shopping for flower and vegetable seeds.

Even though the calendar says January, you can still take a trip to the future by planning the flowers, vegetables, and perennials you wish to start from seed. Betty's already has the new seeds in stock. You can save more by purchasing your seeds from Betty's. Burpee seeds are 30% off the packet price all the time. Lake Valley and Rene's Garden seeds are 20% off, and the previous year's seeds are 50% off! We have all the accessories needed to start your new babies: peat pots, starting medium, seed trays, and heat mats.

Read the back of each packet to see how long it will take for the seeds to germinate. Count backwards from the last frost date for tender plants to know when to start your seeds. Before setting the seedlings in the yard, take them outside to a protected spot for a few hours each day for a few days to help them harden off.