July: Azaleas

This is your last chance to work on your azaleas this year.

PRUNING: If you didn't prune your azaleas in June, get it done now. If you did prune in June, you can still cut back any long, new growth to maintain the plant's shape.

FEEDING: Like pruning, you can still feed your azaleas this month, as long as you use a slow-release granular food. Stay away from fast-release foods like 10-10-10, which can burn plants in hot weather.

WATER: Stay on top of watering newly planted azaleas. If going on vacation, ask a responsible neighbor to water your plants while you're away.

PESTS: Monitor plants for insect or disease infestation. Bring in samples of sick plants to Betty's for diagnosis and suggestions for cures.

Watering Information

Hand water newly planted azaleas two to three times per week.