May: Lawns

A few things left to be done.

If you have a zoysia or Bermuda grass lawn, feed now with Betty's Ultimate.

Full-sun, traditional tall fescue lawns come under drought and fungus stress, beginning May 22. Bayleton is the best long-term fungus preventer, lasting 30 days. for best results, apply May 22, and again on June 22. It must be watered in immediately. Extremely dense sunny lawns, especially if they slope to the south or west, are the most susceptible. Profesy and Eagle are other excellent lawn fungicides.

The best curative fungicide is Cleary's 3336.

Avoid high-nitrogen fertilizers until late August. The best summer iron fertilizers are Betty's Preferential Treatment, Minor Miracle, and Milorganite. Betty's does not recommend Ironite because it is formulated for the mid-west.

Identify and kill weeds before they drop seeds. One year of weeds equal seven years of seeds!

Betty's is glad to help you identify your lawn problems. Please bring in samples or photos so that we can diagnose your lawn issues and recommend solutions.

Watering Information

Sunny lawns need a minimum of one inch of water per week in warm weather.