July: Annuals and Perennials

Time for some maintenance.

A bit of maintenance now will prolong the bloom time of many annuals. Those that have stopped blooming or have begun looking too leggy will benefit from cutting back. Cut back about one-third of the stems, making sure to get any flowers that have gone to seed. Within about two to three weeks, you should see new buds and blooms.
Spring-blooming perennials need to be dead-headed if not done before now. This practice of removing spent blooms will re-focus the plant's energies into growing instead of producing seeds. Some perennials will even put out new blooms once the old ones are removed.
Give your annuals and perennials a boost with some slow-release food such as Start-N-Grow or Osmocote.
The heat of July creates the need for additional water in many instances. Water deeply and slowly two to three times per week, depending on the heat and rain. New plantings will need special attention until established. Hand watering is preferable for new plantings.

Watering Information

Pay close attention to perennials planted this year. They need watering at least twice per week, depending on the temperatures and amount of rain.