October: Bulbs

Work now, reap the rewards later. By planting bulbs in the fall, you can sit back and enjoy beautiful flowers in the spring.

Once the weather cools, that means it's time for planting all our fall bulbs. From tulips to daffodils to hyacinths and many, many more, Betty's will have all your fall bulbs covered.
Plant your bulbs by digging a hole in the ground twice the height of the bulb, and don't be afraid to plant too many bulbs.
Don't forget to fertilize your bulbs either. Sprinkle a small handful of bulb fertilizer like Bulb Booster or Bulb Tone in the hole before your replace the dirt. The bulb itself is a source of food for the plant for the first year, but if you want your blooms to keep coming year after year, fertilizing the bulb will give it enough gas to keep coming back