March: Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtle are their own unique plant, on their own unique schedule.

March is a busy month for crape myrtles, but it may not look like it. Crape myrtles are usually the last plant to leaf out in the spring. Just because everything else is green and your crape myrtle isn't, don't panic.
While waiting for your crape myrtle to leaf out, go ahead and give it a trim. Unlike some plants, you can actually trim your crape myrtles way back, cutting off as much as 90% of the plant. Trimming back helps with thickness of foliage and encourages more blooms the following season.
As always, fertilize your plants after trimming them, using either Agriform or Plant Trust in a ring right around the base of the trunk. For more advice on crape myrtles, stop by and pick up our care sheet.