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March: Trees and Shrubs

March is a great time to plant.

March is the time to take advantage of the fresh nursery stock arriving daily. Evergreens, deciduous shrubs, and trees can all be planted now.
Trees and shrubs should also be fed at this time with a slow-release food like Agriform tablets or Start-N-Grow(granular Agriform), Plant Trust.
Remove dead growth (winter damage) from shrubs. Determine viability through the scratch test: scratch the bark with your fingernail. If the underlying tissue is green, the branch is alive.
Be patient with broadleaf evergreens showing winter damage. Frequently the brown, dead-looking leaves of hollies and magnolias will drop after a hard winter and will be replaced by new leaves that emerge in March or April.
Prevent weeds in mulch beds for the entire year by applying Amaze and Gallery at this time. Eighty percent of weeds in a yard are located in mulch beds and edges.
Spray fungicides and dormant oil on shrubs to prevent the arrival of fungus in the summer.