September: Lawns

September is for seeding and feeding sunny lawns.

Early fall is the best time for sunny lawn seeding. There are several steps involved to prepare the site prior to spreading the seed, including killing existing weeds in the area, mowing the existing lawn low, core aerating, if needed, applying a good base for the seed (Soil Builder), applying the seed and fertilizer. Come to Betty's for guidance and to purchase the best seed and products available. Ask for our free lawn calendar when you visit.
Water your seed every day. It is best to water seed in the evening. That way, the seed will stay damp throughout the night, then will still be damp the next day. If you were to water in the morning, the seed would be dry by evening, thus needing to be watered again in the evening.
Apply Betty's Show Turf fertilizer when seeding. It contains extra potash to make the seed germinate quicker.

Watering Information

Water grass seed every evening to keep it moist.